Tuesday, May 23, 2006

10 Tips for Your Long Distance Relationship

1. Visit each other frequently

This is not really a tip for a long distance relationship to be successful, but rather a requirement. To keep your long distance relationship going, you need to have in your mind the feeling and emotions of being with your mate. What keeps you together while you are apart is the idea of eventually being together. This can only be achieved by visiting each other whenever you have a chance.

2. Take pictures of everyday activities and send them to your mate.

A picture is worth a thousand words and can help you and your mate feel closer together in your long distance relationship. Today, with most cell phones equipped with a digital camera and cameras small enough to fit in your pocket, it’s very easy and convenient to take pictures and email them to your mate. With pictures, your mate can easily know what you are talking about when you describe the great party you went to or the new hairstyle that you just got. Some other examples of when you can take a picture are listed below:

  • New outfit that your have purchased.
  • Family or friends get together.
  • Changes to your bedroom.
  • Changes to your physical appearance (hairstyle, piercing, etc.)
  • Pictures of your office or cubicle.

3. Send gifts to your mate’s from their local country or city

You can save a lot of money by searching the Internet for local companies to buy from and deliver your gifts. For example, if you are living in the United States and your mate is from Italy, find an Italian company that has the great gift that you want to send to your mate. In most cases, you will save on international shipping costs and you might even save on the currency exchange rate. Also, a local company will be able to deliver a gift much quicker for those last minute shoppers.

4. Use text-messaging capability to keep in touch more frequently.

Text messaging can be a simple was to keep in touch with your mate in a long distance relationship. For those across the border relationships, this can also be an inexpensive way to communicate. It’s not always convenient to call, so text messages are a good alternative. You can send good night messages or little love notes throughout the day.

5. Trust your mate

Ideas of mistrust can easily seep into the minds of those involved in a long distance relationship because you don’t get to physically see your mate. They may be saying that they are not seeing anyone else, but how do you know that for sure hundreds or even thousands of miles away? This mistrust can ultimately lead to the relationship ending. You should approach the trust issue in a long distance relationship the same way as you would in a normal relationship. If there is no indication or evidence of cheating, it is most likely not happening.

6. Use Skype to call your mate and talk for free.

Invest in a headset or a Skype phone to make free PC to PC calls anywhere in the world. If you would prefer to call a regular phone or a cell phone, Skype had very low and reasonable rates. Skype can save you and your mate a lot of money without a lot of hassle and technical setup. Just download the software for free from Skype and plug in your headset and now you are ready to talk for free.

7. Write letters and send cards

Nothing is more romantic than a handwritten letter or card that you send to your mate for no reason at all. Variety in a long distance relationship will help keep things new and fresh. Your mate will appreciate the fact that you took time out to write such a wonderful letter or sent a card.

8. Use a web cam

A web cam is a great way to interact with your mate while you are apart. Connect your web cam to your computer and use your favorite messaging utility (MSN, Yahoo, AOL, etc.) and not only will you be able to hear your mate, but you will also be able to see your mate.

9. Ease into being together

It can sometimes be difficult for two people who are involved in a long distance relationship to connect easily when they are together with their mate. Yes, you probably know everything about each other and talk everyday, but that is not a substitute for real contact. Both of you will need some time to adjust to being in each other’s presence. Be aware that it may take your mate longer than you and you should allow them that time.

10. Introduce your mate to your friends and family

How many times have you been out with your friends and you bring up your mate into conversation and your friends don’t believe he/she even exists? It is typical in a long distance relationship when two people visit each other they spend time only with each other. Although it is necessary to have time together, it is also necessary for your mate to experience other aspects of your life. Introduce him/her to your friends and family, so they can get to know your mate. It will only broaden your relationship and it will have a greater chance to succeed.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Deciding Where to Live

One of the most difficult issues that couples in a long distance relationship have to deal with is where to live when they eventually decide to get married or live together. Ultimately, one person needs to sacrifice and give up living close to their friends and family and must also change or transfer their job.

So, how do you make such a difficult decision? Below, I describe some of the factors to take into consideration to help you and your mate come to a decision that you can both be happy with. The factors include: finances, family and friends, and quality of life.


The affect on your finances can be analyzed by taking a look at both of your living arrangements and job situations. For living arrangement, take into consideration if one of you already owns a home. If you do, this can be a big plus when you start your relationship living together. If both of you are renting, you may want to take a look at who is paying the lowest rent. For your job situation, find out if one of you has the ability to transfer to the new city. Transferring is a good option if you are both happy with your jobs and want the least amount of disruption. Also, take into consideration the ease of finding a job. For example, it will be very difficult for a person who owns his or her own business to move.

Family and Friends

Leaving family and friends is often the most difficult part of a move. The person moving needs to be comfortable with the idea of making new friends and not seeing his or her family as often. If one of you is already living away from family it will be easier for that person to move because they are not giving up as much. Encourage the mate who is moving by letting them know that you two will finally be together and that is what you both have wanted for a long time.

Quality of Life

This factor involves taking a look at the city where you will both live. Does the city offer all the aspects of life that you are looking for? For example, if one of you is an outdoorsy person, does the city offer those types of activities? Is the city a place where you both want to settle and raise a family? These are some questions to consider.

Putting all the factors together should hopefully help you and your mate decide on where to live. If you still can’t agree on who will move, you may want to consider the option of both of you moving to a completely new city.

Remember, the person who is doing the moving is making a big sacrifice for the relationship and should be supported as much as possible.

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